If you’re addicted to coffee and want to find another way to boost your energy levels without depleting your adrenals, look no further than the caterpillar fungus. Also known as Cordyceps: a strange and fantastic fungus with bizarre origins. Its parasitic nature means it occupies the body of a specific type of caterpillar, consumes its insides, and then sprouts up and out of its head. But, despite how off-putting this may sound, this is the most expensive fungi in the world fetching up to $20,000 per kilo. Quite the pretty penny, but here’s what it can do, minus all the nasty side-effects associated with other uppers:

– Increase oxygen uptake during exercise, meaning you can go for longer without getting tired
– Increased libido for men and women
– Increased vitality, energy, and endurance

There is so much intelligence to be found in the natural world, great spirits like Cordyceps are one incredible reminder of this.