Whiff the Diff

In choosing the right, most delightful cannabis flower for you, it’s important to trust your nose. Even if your brain doesn’t know the science of terpenes or the difference between CBDa and CBD, your nose can reveal what your body needs. So, breathe in deep. Linger. All of those smells coming out of the flower are related to chemical compounds that offer different experiences. So, the flower with the most delicious smells may just be the one to give you what you need. Even if you can’t quite describe the smell, trust yourself. Plant medicine approaches us in its own ways. And it is there for you.



Often, you’ll see cannabis flowers before you smell them. So, what are some visual cues to help you choose the right flower? Like we said on Monday, we strongly suggest taking a deep whiff before purchasing something new. Your nose is your detective, uncovering secrets that lead you to your perfect bud. But doing proper R&D means getting all the info you can. So, scope your dope. Take a good look. Finding your flower is similar to examining plant health. Trust what you see. Well-grown flowers may exhibit an array of colors—light green, dark green, yellow, orange, red, purple. Sometimes their crystalline resin sparkles. It is normal, too, that different cultivars will have differently shaped flowers. Importantly, let your imagination be taken. See what speaks to you.