Food is Medicine

As it turns out, the way we grow our food has an impact on the planet. Ask any small-scale farmer and they’ll be able to tell you about how trying to farm in order to produce food at the lowest possible cost means that we’re paying for it elsewhere.

We are losing our connection to the food that we eat. In the name of convenience and competition, the fruit and vegetables that we see at the grocery store are a sterilized version of what actual plant used to look like. The produce that we often see is standardized, stripped of nutrition, and shipped from other parts of the globe before being sold to you. Corn, tomatoes, and potatoes, for example, come in way more colors than what you see on the shelves.

This week, we’re going to talk about different farming styles and the importance of understanding where your food comes from. Not only for your nutrition, but for the health of the planet.