Shiitake Mushrooms

This week, we’re back on our favorite fungus. We’re going to take a peek at a few exquisite examples of one of nature’s wonders, the mushroom. The fungi first up is the shiitake. Shiitake is actually the Japanese word for the mushroom. “Shii” is the name of a tree the mushroom grows on. “Take” just means mushroom. Shiitakes are deservedly well-known for their delicious flavor. They are enticingly meaty and nutty. There are tremendous recipes out there with them to explore--from ramen to stir fries to risottos. And, they are also a part of Chinese Medicine. The shiitake is believed to improve circulation, provide long life, and boost overall health. Compounds in the shiitake also help our immune system and may protect us against cancer. The Shiitake is one wise fungi.