Super Super Fresh

Super Super Fresh

In a booming cannabis industry, with so many products on the market, it’s easy to feel dazed and confused when faced with all the options. We know what it’s like. Everything Great Spirits Produces is in direct correlation with our personal experiences. 

That’s why we created Freshies – our super-supreme all flower pre-rolls that are cultivated, cured, rolled, packed, shipped, and stored in the most optimal climate controlled environment. 

We know you want to be able to trust that what you put into your body is of the highest quality. How many times have you spent ages in your local dispensary only to come out with a stale pre-roll that hits harsh on the back of the throat? It’s frustrating – it’s not a vibe. 

Freshies were created because we want to have our cake and our pre-roll, too. And we want our pre-rolls to be fresh. Super super fresh.

Sick of the pre-rolls that harsh your vibe? Ever bought a pack only to realize after looking at the date that they’ve been rolled months ago?

Then get yourself some Freshies – that breath of fresh air! The pre-rolls you’ve been waiting for.

Did you know that terpenes start drying out the minute they’re not kept cool? That’s why cigars are kept in humidifiers. Unfortunately, most cannabis suppliers in the industry don’t abide by this. This explains why most pre-rolls don’t hit that sweet spot. 

Freshies are fresh-squeezed terps, so you can feel those terpenoids dancing on your lips. Always fresh. Always delicious.

We know how disappointing it can be to smoke mediocre cannabis. But life is too short! Greatness is what we always strive for and here you have it: freshies! Super super fresh. Reminiscent of an old-school lemonade stand on a hot day.

It’s going to be a juicy summer and you know we got that fresh squeezed!

Three perfect sized ½ gram J’s individually tubed and in a Mylar bag to really lock in that quality. Soft and cool to the touch, it’s a sensory delight – sliding right into your front, shirt, or back pocket.

Take a trip down memory lane. Hit the lemonade stand and stash your frieshes in your sock while you hit the block. Fresh squeezed terps, juiced and locked in for long days and hot nights.

Here at Great Spirits, we’re on a mission to solve the problems of the cannabis industry one pet peeve at a time. And we can’t stand the stale pre-rolls that are making their way around. So we’ve put our heads together and figured out a way to deliver on quality and consistency, every time. 

The result? Freshies! Packed, shipped, and stored in the most optimal climate-controlled environment – locking in all available terpenes. A super supreme pre-roll you can trust.

We’re a little obsessed with making sure you get the greatest, freshest, product. Having full control allows us to know, from the very bottom of our hearts, that what we’re offering is always super supreme. That’s why we haven’t compromised on anything.

Freshies are a breath of fresh air every time.