Ayurvedic Medicine

In ayurvedic medicine, each person has three qualities. These qualities are called the doshas. The doshas are Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. Each is connected to natural elements and to certain personality traits. Every person has a unique balance of the three doshas, although a single dosha can be the most distinct in someone. The dosha of kapha is based on earth and air. Kaphic people are steady and strong, reliable, but they might be a bit too partial to life in the slow lane. If Kapha was a strain, I’d be one of the couch-bound ones. Pitta is centered on fire and air, and people with plenty of it can be fierce. Their bodies may be athletic but their personalities can be impatient and ready to fight. Vata is the dosha of air and space. People with a lot of vata tend to be creative and attuned to the world around them. They can also get carried away and ungrounded in their atmospheric interests. If your head is always in the clouds, you might have a bit of Vata flying around you. Everyone’s got a bit of each.​​​​​​​​
So, which of these sounds like you?​​​​​​​​